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The Economic Impact of the Achievement Gap in America’s Schools

This report by McKinsey & Company has been widely acknowledged as providing a "common, neutral fact base" on the gaps that exist between students who are White or Black, rich or poor, and looks at the dramatic difference in student performance in students from similar backgrounds across school systems and classrooms. The report also highlights the impact of the gaps on our economy and on individual life outcomes, and the information will be useful in discussions on addressing the achievement gaps.

The Alliance for Excellent Education

At this web site view and download a number of briefs developed by Thedocumenting the connection between poverty and the achievement gaps, looking at the impact of the gaps on our national economy.

Cities in Crisis 2009: Closing the Achievement Gap

This report was prepared for America's Promise Alliance one of NEA’s partners in addressing the dropout crisis. It examines the economic and employment picture for individuals with varied educational levels, including dropouts, looking at income levels, employment rates, and poverty rates.

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