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School Safety

Mass Shooting and other Traumatic Events: How to Talk to Students

All too often gun violence and mass shootings top the headlines in America, causing anxiety and confusion among young people. To help students who are continually hearing about senseless gun violence in or near schools and are scared about their safety, we offer advice from the National Association of School Psychologists for talking to them about violence and other national tragedies.

America's Safe Schools Week

Explore these educator resources to help students and parents learn about and advocate for school safety, bullying prevention, reducing violence, improving discipline, and increasing student attendance.

Preventing School Violence

Resources for reducing school violence and promoting school safety.

NEA's School Crisis Guide

A step-by-step outline of what to do before, during, and after any school or community crisis like a school shooting or natural disaster. NEA offers best practices that address the full spectrum of crisis response from how to prevent and prepare for a crisis to how to respond and recover in the minutes, days and weeks following the event.

United Against Hate!

In the wake of the recent events in Charlottesville, please find resources for students, educators, and families to address and engage in the national dialogue about racism, hate, and bias. Together we must  foster safe spaces to discuss our individual and collective realties to move towards justice in education.


The Youth and Gang Awareness & Prevention Resource Toolkit provides information and guidance from the National Education Association (NEA) and other sources related to youth, school, and gang violence. Download the Toolkit (MS-WORD)


NEA is the lead author of a letter to the Department of Education to advocate for a simple student identification system to ensure safe administration of medication to students while they are in school.
Download the letter (PDF).

Resources to help those suffering from PTSD, including our veterans, educators, and students. Find out more here.


Best practices for supporting and educating students who have experienced domestic violence or sexual victimization.

Take the Pledge:

Take the pledge to change school climate and let’s make our schools Bully Free!