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Children of Poverty Deserve Great Teachers - NEA-CTQ Report

Children of Poverty Deserve Great Teachers:  One Union’s Commitment to Changing the Status Quo (2009)

In this report, NEA and the Center for Teaching Quality offer practical yet ambitious strategies to help high-needs schools attract and retain well-prepared and highly skilled teachers – the teachers essential to helping children of poverty reach 21st century learning goals.

The report separates fact from fiction and summarizes current research as it presents a series of comprehensive policy actions.  To underscore the importance of properly staffing high-needs schools, the report identifies specific commitments the NEA will make to assure a great public school for every student.

Read Children of Poverty Deserve Great Teachers (2009) (PDF, 375KB, 40pp)

What People Are Saying About the Report

"The report offers welcome relief from the either/or thinking that mars so many education policy discussions. We spend so much time following the horse race between traditional and alternative routes into teaching, for example, that we miss the bigger question: How do we better prepare teachers to succeed in struggling schools, regardless of where they come from?"


Claus von Zastrow, Learning First Alliance