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Privatization Resources


Runaway Spending: Private Contractors Increase the Cost of School Student Transportation Services in Pennsylvania 
This 2012 analysis of 22 years of Pennsylvania school district data by the Keystone Research Center shows that privatized school bus operations cost more than ones run by the school districts in that state.

A Guide to Contracting Out School Support Services: Good for the School? Good for the Community? 
This 31-page paper  from the Great Lakes Center for  Education Research and Practice reviews critical considerations for school officials considering contracting out.

All Costs Considered: A New Analysis on the Contracting Out of School Support Services in Oregon
A 2008 update of an earlier study from the University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center on contracting out in Oregon. (68 pp.)

State Association Web Sites

Michigan Education Association - Privatization

New Jersey Education Association - Subcontracting and Privatization Warning Signs

Other Web Sites

In The Public Interest
A new Resource Center on privatization and responsible contracting, with the goal of ensuring democratic control of public functions.

Progressive State Network "Restrict Asset Privatization" page
This Web resource from a national progressive organization deals with all aspects of public sector privatization, including schools.

AFSCME - "Privatization"
The privatization site of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.


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