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Benefits of Membership

Supporting Teachers of the Future

Why You Should Belong to NEA.

We are the nation’s leading organization committed to advancing the cause of public education. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., NEA proudly claims 3 million members who work at every level of education—from preschool to university graduate programs. NEA affiliates are in every state and in more than 14,000 local communities nationwide.

How does NEA function?

NEA members nationwide set Association policy, most notably through an annual Representative Assembly—called the “RA”—held every July. NEA members at the state and local levels elect some 10,000 RA delegates, who, in turn, elect NEA’s top officers; debate issues; and set NEA policy. Between RAs, NEA’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee serve as the top decision-making bodies. Staff at the local, state, and national levels carry out policies implemented by the governing bodies.

How does NEA help future teachers?

Members of the NEA Student Program belong to a network of nearly 60,000 students who are dedicated to improving teacher education and supporting prospective teachers. As the nation’s largest pre-professional Association for future educators, the organization provides members with the opportunity to meet practicing teachers and fellow student members at state and national leadership conferences, workshops, and public forums. Members can also enrich their teaching and advocacy skills by holding local, state, or national office, or serving as a delegate to NEA’s annual Representative Assembly. Student members also serve on the NEA Board of Directors and NEA Resolutions Committee, and they serve on committees that focus on a variety of issues, including human rights, legislation, and membership.

The Student Program also offers SOAR (Student Organizing Assistance Resources) grants to help with on-campus membership recruitment, and CLASS (Community Learning through America’s Schools) grants for community outreach projects. Students can also apply for the Jack Kinnaman Scholarship, which helps to cover recipients’ tuition costs. The Student Program also provides information and assistance with student teaching, certi-fication, and professional development.

When it comes to learning, sharing, and networking, with peers and prac-ticing educators, membership in the NEA Student Program represents an invaluable investment in your education and your future.

Join today!

NEA Student Program Members Receive:

Service and Benefits

Tomorrow’s Teachers, the NEA Student Program annual magazine, and NEA’s quarterly national magazine, NEA Today.

• Resources, job information, and links to other NEA student chapters at

• $1 million of in-classroom liability coverage through the NEA Educators Employment Liability Program.

• Tuition savings for the online master’s degree program available through the NEA Academy at

• National, state, and chapter level opportunities to participate in outreach projects, like school renovation, literacy, and food bank support.

• Access to a network of fellow educators at Student Program's Facebook.

• Discounts for members and their parents on car purchases, magazine subscriptions, shopping, and more through the NEA Member Benefits programs.


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