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NCUEA Membership

Join the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) and add your local's voice to the united voice for member advocacy and urban concerns within the NEA.

Join our Council!

Membership with the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) provides many benefits, including leadership development, increased access to NEA leadership and a network of recognized affiliate leaders, best-in-class conferences, advance professional knowledge and more.

By joining the National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA), your local joins other member locals using their voices and collective power to improve the lives of their students, educators, and communities. NCUEA provides member locals with a dynamic forum to learn and share best practices on a wide range issues, including leadership, organizing, advocacy, and policy - all through a racial and social justice equity lens.

Getting Insight on What Matters

During the COVID-19 pandemic, NCUEA has provided its members with insight from member locals on the front lines of the public health crisis through its webinar series. This webinar series has also included a focus on education support professional engagement, as well as guest speakers from NEA's Government Relations and Education Policy & Practice.

Taking Action

NCUEA unites locals to take action on issues that matter. Over the past couple of years, NCUEA has aggressively acted as a collective body to put pressure on bad actors. Most recently, NCUEA joined other progressive organizations and unions, like the AFL-CIO and AFT, in demanding that backers of ALEC cease their support for the conservative organization, which is pushing for the premature re-opening of the U.S. Check it out here.

Supporting NCUEA Leaders

NCUEA supports locals that are leading. In partnership with NEA's Center for Organizing, NCUEA provides grants to locals driving ambitious organizing agendas through NEA Urban Grants, and trains incoming local presidents through its Local Presidents Training Program. Only

NCUEA-member locals are eligible to receive Urban Grants, and NCUEA members are invited to participate in the Local Presidents Training Program before non-member locals.

Driving the Conversation

Don’t just be part of the discussion at NEA. Be in the driver’s seat. During the past NEA Representative Assembly (RA), numerous NCUEA-sponsored New Business Items (NBI) are successfully passed on the RA floor.

NCUEA’s conferences have helped shape the conversation at NEA. Conferences have featured powerhouse experts on the overuse of assessments, teaching and learning, education policy, gun control, voting rights, and economic policy. Keynote speakers have included award-winning authors addressing race and class, including New York Times winning writer, Kiese Laymon, as well scholars like Nancy MacLean, who have challenged NCUEA audiences to better understand how right-wing actors are undermining U.S. democracy.

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