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News About Professional Pay

Looking for more information about professional pay issues for educators? Check out these archives.

The Homeless Professor Who Lives in Her Car
Despite the four college courses she teaches, and the master’s degree she earned a few years ago, Tara James-Penny is homeless. Other adjunct professors across the nation face a similar economic plight.

Find Out Where U.S. Faculty are Fairly Paid
Forty states in 2017 increased state funding to higher education. How has that affected faculty salaries?

Money Still Matters: A Tale of Two Teachers
Peggy Swann has been in the classroom for 25 years; Nikole Kiley has only been on the planet that long. But even though they’re on opposite ends of their teaching careers, they’re both struggling to make ends meet on meager educator salaries.

Teacher Pay Penalty Driving Educators Away From Profession
Low pay and other factors are making it harder to recruit and retain good teachers, and students and communities are paying the price. (July 2017)

Penn State Grad Students Move Toward Union
With grad assistants earning less then $18K a year, and working twice as many hours as promised, they need a voice in their working conditions. (March 2017)

OEA/NEA member and sixth-grade teacher Amber Spradlin was featured on NBC’s TODAY SHOW. Like so many other educators in Oklahoma, Amber has to work two jobs to make ends meet. NBC News reporter Gabe Gutierrez and the TODAY SHOW producers shadowed Amber to put a human face on this education funding crisis.