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What Will the New Standards Be for Entering the Teaching Profession? You Can Help Decide.

Educators can comment on new accreditation standards until March 29.


The Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Commission on Standards and Performance Reporting has developed the next generation of accreditation standards for all teacher preparation providers. These new standards, now in draft form, are meant to further increase the quality of the preparation of teachers by focusing on the evidence, continual improvement, innovation, and clinical practices of providers.

The draft recommendations of the new CAEP standards are open for public comment until March 29th  at NEA members are encouraged to review and comment on the standards to impact the way in which teacher candidates enter our profession. The teaching profession is often criticized for allowing individuals into teaching who should have been counseled out before they became the sole adult responsible for student learning. Participating in a standards-setting process for profession entryshows the world that NEA and its members believe how important it is that every candidate be prepared to teach from his or her first day responsible for students.

The CAEP Commission, comprised of 41 officials representing a wide range of diverse stakeholders, is the new, sole accreditor for teacher preparation in the United States. NEA has a long history of participating in the work of NCATE (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education) accreditation and in the last two years NCATE has been consolidating with another organization to become CAEP.

After receiving all public comments, the CAEP Commission will meet again in May to make final standards recommendations and the final standards will be released this summer.

Comment on the new standards at