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Classroom Set-Up by Function or Activity

Using Mailboxes, Trays, Baskets, and Shelves

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Fourth grade teacher Carrie Zook (LaSalle Elementary, Mishawaka, Indiana) has some quick suggestions for arranging the classroom based on the function or activity.

Communications: From Me To Students

I make sure the homework board is visible from all of their seats so students can copy their assignments into their agendas.

Photo: Carrie Zook

I have mailboxes (left) for the students to receive their graded work or information they need.

My desk is positioned in a corner so that I can see all of my students. I love having photos on my desk and I think my students like to see that I am a real person with a family.

Communications: From Students To Me

I have a designated place with trays where students turn in all their assignments and homework. I think this helps them get into a routine.

I have a place on the board for students to make their lunch choices in the morning.

Group Work

I think students work better in groups or in an arrangement where they are not alone. It makes them feel more comfortable. I arrange their desks with that in mind.

I always make sure there is an open area where the students can all sit together for a read-aloud. I also have a comfortable area for their book clubs and literature circles.

I have a table set up for guided reading or for any small group lesson or activity.

Storage of Books, Copies for the Week

I bought baskets to store books and labeled the baskets by what kind of books they are. I bought two bookshelves so I could have more room. I also purchased two organizing shelves for myself.

For the classroom library, we set up a little station on how to check out the books and a basket where they return the books.

I like to have drawers labeled Monday through Friday to put all my copies for the week. I have two drawers labeled "Graded" and "Not Graded" to help keep things organized.

The students who are not very organized like it that I've provided other places where we can store their books so that they don't have to cram them all into their desks.

Learn more about how Zook arranges her classroom in Classroom Set-Up Using a Theme.

Carrie Zook teaches fourth grade at LaSalle Elementary in Mishawaka, Indiana.


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