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Classroom Beautiful: Do It Yourself

Classroom Panoramic, taken by Beth Sawyer on September 3, 2010 (Richmond, Virginia, US)

Transform four bare walls into a powerful educational tool.

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The 30-year veteran next door has a beautiful, inviting, stimulating classroom.

You’ve got—just about nothing.

Where do you start? How do you plan a room that will not only feel like home, but help you teach and manage your students? We asked experienced teachers how they did it and got both fun and practical answers.

We’re showing off the extraordinary room of Louisville fifth-grade teacher Jason Hubler plus photos of more great classrooms and explanations from some of the teachers who created them.

We also have a paper by Garner, North Carolina, literacy coach Lynn Flood that lays out more systematically her ideas about classroom design.

We hope the photos will inspire you as you set up your classroom for the coming year.

Classroom Photos

58 classroom photos from 25 educators, submitted on Flickr beginning in 2008


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