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Dealing with Chatterboxes and Clowns
Dealing with the class clown is anything but funny. Take control of your class while helping your clowns understand appropriate ways to use their gift of humor.
Dress for Success in the Classroom
How you dress can make or break a successful school day. Check out these tips from seasoned teachers to help you find a balance between the professional and the practical.
Dealing with Chatterboxes and Clowns
Dealing with the class clown is anything but funny. Take control of your class while helping your clowns understand appropriate ways to use their gift of humor.
Ditching the Desks for a More Open Classroom
A classroom without desks? Here's how Ms. Cluff created a learning space that works well for her students AND her.
Document Now to Speed Up Your Setup
Preparing for the next school year is always hectic, but performing this simple tip now will help save you lots of time next Fall.
Dealing with Helicopter Parents
If "helicopter parents" hover too close for your comfort, Mr. Greenfield has some critical advice for educators to help everyone have a smooth flight.
Disappearing Pencils II
Get a handle on your ever-dwindling supply of classrom pencils with this unconventional tip that really can work for you!
Discipline for Energetic, Active Students
When Nancy’s young and active students misbehave, she disciplines them without denying them recess, a strategy which permits a healthy release for their energy but still provides a negative consequence and reinforces good behavior.
Digital Learning Day with Mystery Skype
Every day is Digital Learning Day in this teacher’s classroom. Find out how her students use digital tools on a daily basis and how you can bring these technologies to your classroom. Who wants to play “Mystery Skype”?
Diffusing an Angry Parent
Ms. Ryan suggests ways to deal with upset parents during parent/teacher conferences. Arm yourself with a simple statement that will stop them in their tracks and turn a tense confrontation into calm discussion.
Dealing With Defiant Students
Ms. Barela is a veteran teacher who shares expert advice for negotiating difficult conversations, diffusing tense situations, and preventing confrontations from escalating.
Drawing Monsters and Writing Details
Try this fun activity for the Halloween season that combines drawing and creative writing to teach young students how to write dialogue.
Dividing the Cheating Penalty
Cheating students who copy one another’s work deserve some form of credit, at least according to Ms. Rycar. Her equitable approach to grading rewards their work fairly and punishes their wrongdoings justly.
Daily Tweet
Everyone tweets these days, especially Ms. Ahlgren’s students. Find out how she’s using Twitter to keep students (and their parents!) up-to-date on classroom notices, homework, missed assignments, and more.
Decorating Your High School Classroom
This high school teacher creates a healthier homey classroom environment using live plants, fresh cut flowers and art work. Learn how to create a calm classroom environment using these basic elements.
Demonstrating Simple Machines
Ms. Prosansky suggests simple items found in any hardware store that you can keep in your classroom and use to create simple machines that model familiar scientific concepts.
Differentiated Reading
Teaching reading is challenging when your students are at a wide range of skill levels. Here are some tips that can keep your higher level readers chellenged and your lower level readers improving!
Dryer Erasers
Don't throw away those used dryer sheets! Ms. Ganske gives them repurpose in her classroom - read about her tip here!
Daily Assignment Binder
Ms. Mensen offers a great tip to keep students up-to-date on missed work as well as teach them initiative and responsibility.
Daily Brain Stretcher
Ms. Jury’s 2-minute warm up activity is based on the game Junior Outburst. Discover how she uses it to boost creative thinking, promote cooperative learning, and prepare students for the main lesson.
Daily Helpers
Here's a great idea to help you keep track of classroom helper tasks and classroom assignments with a bonus benefit when you need a sub!
Daily Poetry Reading
Help your students improve their oral reading skills and become fans of poetry with nonstop laughs. Ms. Thompson suggests a few fun and funny poetry resources to use with her daily, giggle-filled poetry activity.
Daily Review
Ms. Gibson keeps her math learners busy - and learning - while she gets her morning paperwork done. Read about her tip and see if it can work for you!
Daily Test Review
Preparing your learners for standardized tests can be daunting. read about what Ms. Baughman does every day to help her students get ready for test time.
Daily Web Visits
Ms. Harper uses a collection of kid-friendly Web sites and some unique types of classroom helpers to start the day.
Date/Equation Challenge
Challenge your students express today’s date as a mathematical equation. Students will be excited to solve this daily math puzzle, you’ll love seeing them do it, and Ms. Medbery will show you how.
Dear Abby
If your students are “Upset and Unhappy,” Ms. Mitchell has a unique writing activity that involves anonymous role-playing and supplies advice for whatever ails them.
Desk Binder
Ms. Rayner has an efficient method for filing all of her daily paperwork in a single desk binder. Learn how she organizes attendance, seating charts, lesson plans, and other essential information, which substitute educators will find especially valuable.
Desk Blotter Calendar
Give students the tools, and the responsibility, to manage their own makeup work with this easily accessible assignment calendar.
Desk Pockets
Reduce cluttered desks this year by making inexpensive student desk pockets. Returned papers are kept nicely together and ready to take home on Fridays.
Differentiated Spelling Ideas
Ms. Kempin takes spelling lessons across the curriculum. Read about her tip that caould help develop spelling and many other student skills.
Differentiated Spelling Program
Ms. Solano suggests a contract negotiation with students to set an individualized spelling program that can be used to script quizzes, tests and homework assignments.
Digital Charts
Do some of your students need more time to copy charts from the board? Ms. Sergi has a picture perfect solution to this cumbersome chart copying dilemma.
Digital Library
Ms. Howley found a time-saving way to find pictures in a pinch. Read about how her tip makes the search for pictures an easier task
Digital Seating Chart
Ms. Patterson uses a digital to assign seats, keep track of reassigned seats, and boy, do her substitutes appreciate it! Read more about her tip here.
Ding Dong Silence
When the doorbell rings in Ms. Graves' classroom, her students know just what to do. Read more about her unique classroom management tip and see if it can work for you!
Dinosaurs in Language Arts
Spring into the world of dinosaurs! Ms. Loomis weaves together her social studies and language arts curriculum with unique activities based on a book about dinosaurs.
Direct Access to Project Web Sites
Ms. Ceferno's tip not only introduces students to websites she has chosen to support their work, and it also reduces paper waste.
Ms. Crates employs a unique lesson for map skills and writing directions. See why her students learn from it and love it. Caveat: this top involved vehicles and permission slips!
Disappearing Pencils
Tired of scrambling to find pencils for unprepared students? Or worse, wondering what happened to all your spare pencils you once had? Ms. Reid has a solution, and it won’t cost you a dime.
Discipline Cards
Ms. Cox incorporates colors into her classroom management strategy. Read about her tip and see if it can work for you!
Dispensing White Board Cleaner
Spray cleaners can aggravate sensitive, allergic noses. This quick, easy tip will help you keep a clean whiteboard without distributing even the most delicate sensibilities.
Displaying Names
What a great way to say "good morning!"! Read about Ms. Chewning's high tech hello to start each of her student's day.
Disruptive Students
Don't let that disruptive student make you want to alienate him or her. It could be a connection with you that makes a difference. Read about this educator's experience and see if her idea can work for you.
Dissuading Cheating
Some teachers create multiple versions of each test or quiz in hopes making it more difficult for naughty students to cheat. Ms. Dabney’s strategy is easier to manage but just as effective.
Distraction Tickets
Instead of punishing those who instigate trouble or misbehave, Ms. Mariano rewards the students who ignore these negative distractions.
Distributing Classroom Responsibilities
Ms. Kauffman has a good routine for distributing classroom responsibilities fairly. You’ll never hear, “When is it my turn?” again.
Diversity Reading List
Looking for reading material that addresses diversity in the classroom? Ms. Carney shares some of her favorites with you here.
Documenting Student Behavior
Tracking a student's behavior is an important part of getting it to improve. Here's a tip from Ms. Winer that achieves just that for her - and a bonus result with parents!
Donde esta la Rana? (Where is the Frog?)
Here's a unique way to see if your students learned their vocabulary words: instead of a test or quiz, emply this activity. You'll see their progress and they will have fun!
Doughnuts with Dad
Teachers go all out for Mother’s Day, but it can be easy to forget about Father’s Day – the end of the school year always makes for a busy time. Mr. Ohler offers great suggestions for celebrating dads and letting them know they are not forgotten.
Downtime Statues
Erin shares a quick downtime game she plays with her students. It helps them refine their ability to become calm and remain quiet and still, traits that teachers and parents alike will enjoy.
Dr. Seuss Day
Getting ready for Dr. Seuss Day? Or just looking to have some Dr. Seuss learning fun in your classroom? These edcuators have a host of activities they'd like to share.
Dr. Seuss Goes Sports
Here's a fun theme to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday and read Across America.
Dr. Seuss's Birthday
When Ms. Cerabona's class celebrates Read Across America, it's a community effort! Read about her tip, here!
As Ms. Sparks reads aloud to students, she keeps them engaged with an artistic activity. It teaches them about plot, sequencing and summarization.
Drawing Permanent Lines on Marker Boards
Colored electrical tape and stick on letters can help you draw straight lines and identify sections of your board. Ms. Weise-Spence has a good idea for organizing your board clearly and neatly with just a little planning and the right tools.
Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) Week
Ms. Routzing shares her school's tried and true tips for celebrating reading with students, faculty, and the community!
Dry Erase Board Hall Pass
No need to keep writing hall passes on little slips of paper. Here’s a permanent pass that can be changed easily each time a student leaves the room.
Due in Two
Ms. Elliot has a nifty way of organizing and tracking her students’ work assignments. Her “Due in Two” routine sets clear expectations and firm consequences – and helps keep whole class running smoothly.
Duplicate Passes
To prevent dawdling in the hallways, Ms. Hayes developed a system for using hall passes that improves communication between teachers and holds students more accountable. It’s not very popular with students, but teachers love it – so it must work well!
Durable Name Tags
Working on nametags this summer? Here’s a way to make them readable and durable to last the entire school year.