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High-Interest Mini Lessons
Keeping your class engaged with resources to complement your curriculum can break your bank. See how this tip can help keeps students' interest high and your cost low.
Helping Substitutes Follow the Routine
Stop worrying whether the substitute teacher will be able to keep your class in its routine and good order when you are out. This tip helps the sub and the students stay on track.
How Smart Phone Cameras Can Eliminate Zeros
Cell phones in class are forbidden, but this "smart" tip makes an exception - with a twist - and can save a student from flunking as assignment!
How to Make Detention Work
Detention works best when it adheres to a process that allows for immediate correction, appropriate time for reflection and restitution, and follow up strategies to make sure the student is welcomed back into class and that good behavior is recognized.
Helping Students Succeed
Barb offers suggestions for helping students who are not performing up to standard. She offers great advice for working with students, parents and administrators to get the job done.
High School Ticket Rewards
Barb has some creative ways she rewards her high school math students for good behavior and preparedness for class. She offers incentives, such as the Two Minute Free Tardy Pass and 1/2 = 1 Whole Pass.
Humane Gifts
Instead of exchanging gifts with each other at school, classroom throughout Ms. K.’s school conduct a community service project that benefits the local humane society. Find out how they do it.
Helping Parents Help Their Child
Mr. Wilson avoids problems, conflicts and power struggles with parents by finding common ground with them: their child’s success. His parent-teacher conferences are critical to establishing that common ground.
For a taxonomy activity, Mr. Konecky had students devise a classification system for a box of nuts, bolts, screws, nails and other hardware. See if his tip, cleverly called "Harwaria" can work for you!
Hanging Posters
Many schools were built using cinder block walls.These walls can be a challenge when trying to hang posters since it seems that nothing sticks to the cinder blocks. But Ms. kanute says she has the answer. Read about her tip, here!
Handing Back Student Work
Educators know that handing back papers can turn into mayhem in seconds! To expedite this process, Csanders takes just a few extra minutes to emply this tip so order is kept in the classroom when papers are handed back.
Half Birthdays
Students with birthdays in Summer or over WInter break get left out when it comes to classroom celebrations, but not with Ms. Newquist's idea! Read about her tip and see if it can work for you.
Hall Passes by Students
Ms. Granger couldn’t afford to spend so much class time writing hall passes, so she came up with this alternative plan. Her procedure for hall passes is student-driven and non-disruptive. Learn how she does it.
Hand on the Heart
Ms.Cassidy found that students raising their hands became disruptive, so she employed this rule, that she says works for her!
Hanging Book List
Ms. Keohane's reading students not only get to discuss the book they've read, they create decorations for the class based on the books they finish. Best of all? A popcorn party! Read about making reading fun, here.
Hanging Posters on Cement Walls
To hang posters on cement walls, Ms. Copeland doesn't need tape or glue. See what she uses and if you can make her tip work for you!
Hanging Student Work
Changing displays of student work has never been easier for Ms. Keith. Read about her tip to easily display and swap student work from the walls of her classroom.
Hatching Sea Monkeys
Sea monkeys can be fun class pets, and they don’t make much noise! Find out how Ms. Sandhorst uses them in a science unit to study crustaceans, hybrid breeding and new species. Her class has even taught sea monkeys how to do tricks!
Healthy Hearts
Ms. Ross celebrates Valentine Day by teaching her class about heart health. She has a favorite heart-healthy lessons plan, which she integrates with a heart-healthy Valentine Day party.
Helping Children Resolve Problems
Ms. Williams encourages her students to resolve their own conflicts and problems in the classroom. She uses a variety of strategies to create open and structured lines of communication, but we like Mr. Mouse the best.
Helping Other Teachers
Promoting goodwill between regular teachers and specialists can mean all the difference in an educator's work day. Read about this simple gesture that smoothed the way for lots of cooperation at this school.
Helping Students to Remember
Ms. Lozoya has a few strategies for helping students remember what they’ve learned, including inexpensive incentives, fun learning games, and some nifty routines and procedures that reinforce skills and increase their knowledge.
Helping the Humane Society
When Ms. Neely's class told her they wanted to save up to buy a dog for the classroom, Ms. Neely came up with the next best thing. See how her tip brought out compassion and pride schoolwide - and helped some four-legged friends in need.
Hide-a-Way Curtain
Ms. Stapp's classroom had very little storage space, so she got creative! See her tip not only solved her storage problem, but also added lots of utility toward improving her classroom setup.
High School Clean Up
Imagine your students actually cleaning up the classroom before they leave each day. Sounds like a dream, but Ms. Dewell turned it into a daily reality. Read about it in her tip, here.
Highlighted Names
Are you tired of collecting papers with no names and spending valuable time trying match papers and students? Ms. Dobosz has a quick and easy solution that highlights that problem.
Historical Searches
Mr. Weaver wanted his students to understand how fortunate they are that they live in an age of at-your-fingertips information-gathering. So he designed this activity with cross-curricular benefits!
History Pen Pals
This History teacher found a way to make learnig history fun for he high schoolers. Best of all, each student made a new friend. See if this tip can work for you!
Holiday Gift Exchange
Ms. Brockel has a unique twist on the traditional holiday gift exchange. Students are not matched in pairs, and the entire class participates, even those who are not able to buy gifts. In the end, the whole class enjoys the gifts for the rest of the year.
Holiday Shopping
While struggling to teach my students how to count money as well as to add and subtract it, Ms. Engel hit on a really fun way to do it. Check out her Holida SHopping Spree tip and see if it can work for you!
Holiday Writing
Ms. Murphy has a great bookmaking activity for the week leading up to winter break. Based on the popular Chicken Soup book series, the project includes writing essays, poems and word puzzles. The finished product makes a great gift for a family member.
Homemade Offices
Ms. Wimmer made her own study carrels from recycled materials. Learn about the inexpensive way she created privacy barriers using only cardboard boxes and pretty contact paper.
Homework Assistant
Keeping track of homework, assignments, and getting work to absent students can be time-consuming, so Ms. Kenley "employs" a student assistant. See if her time-saving tip can work for you.
Homework Box
It's often difficult to track of who was absent and for how many days when it comes to make-up work. So, Ms. Cipriano enlisted a classroom helper and a special box to save time. Can her "Homework Box" tip work for you?
Homework Buddies
Ms. Greenberg's class uses the buddy system to mke sure kids who are absent don't miss a thing. See how her tip also lets students know they were missed when they were gone.
Homework Calls
Ms. Budde thinks letting parents know that a student has not turned in an assigment helps make sure it doesn't happen again - and what better way to let them know than the student calling home to tell them? Read more about this tip, here!
Homework Cards
In Ms. Born's class, students' homework grades are all in the cards - literally. See what kind of cards she uses to improve homework assignment completion rates.
Homework Chart
Kids love stickers and kids love prizes. Kids don't always love homework, but when Ms. Kelley added stickers and prizes to the equation, the results were positive!
Homework Club
"Those who do the work, get the goodies". That's what the sign in the front of Ms. Wilson's room says. Read more about her tip that she's been using for more than ten years and how it punishes no one, but motivates everyone!
Homework Completion Incentive
Ms. Yates has students who have trouble completing homework consistently, so she developed an incentive plan that not only encourages students to complete assignments on time each day but also focuses their attention on tests and quizzes.
Homework Grades
Deborah found a way of grading homework that works for her. See how she incorporates homework completions into a final grade while helping her students stay organized and keep track of their work.
Homework in Advance
A simple request from one of Ms. McClellan's students resulted in a whole new approach to assigning homework. See how this tip helps her students plan their time better and keeps Ms. McClellan more organized!
Homework Lotto
Mr. Rogers' students are now handing their homework in on time. Why? He created a fun game with a prize at the end, that's why! See of this homework motivator tip can work for you!
Homework Pass
Ms. Castoria sets the homework completion rules at the beginning of the school year. She also adds in a bonus for kids who complete all homework. Check it out, and see why she has fewer incomplete assignments by employing this tip!
Homework Portfolio
Ms. Walton came up with a unique way to get students to turn in their homework on time. Best of all, this tip got them to assume more responsibility while eliminating grade anxiety at the end of each quarter.
Homework Quizzes
One way to asses whether students completed their homework is to quiz them on that assignment. See how Ms. Powell employs her "Homework Quizzes" tip and she she says students learn very quickly to do their homework!
Homework Study Buddies
Ms. Stone found out that one of the best ideas for getting students to complete homework is teamwork! When she assigns "Homework Study Buddies" the reward for each "buddy" is different, but valuable.
Homework Teams
In order to encourage her students to turn their homework in on time, Ms. Mysyk developed a system of teams and points. See how her tip can improve homework completion in your classroom!
Homework Tip
At the beginning of the school year, Ms. Keihle turns her outgoing voice mail greeting into a neat way to keep students on track with homework. It also turned out to be a wonderful tool to encourage parents to communicate with her, too!
Hook Tape
Ms. Goodney found that her classroom's painted cinderblock walls posed a challenge for hanging posters and pictures. But then she discovered a product that works like a charm. Read about it, here!
Hooking Readers
Getting reluctant teenagers to read can be a teacher's most daunting task. Ms. Pollar's tip: "capture student interest with an interesting warm-up and half of your work is done" may help. Read more about her tip and her recommended book titles.
Hot Gifts
Using supplies readily available at the local home improvement store (ceramic tiles, acrylic paint sealer, felt squares), Ms. Stumpf works with her 2nd-grade students on a fun, practical holiday craft project.
Hotdogs and Hamburgers
Here's Ms. Ross's tip for giving directions for folding paper. It's fun and easy, and everyone can relate to this - especially kids!
How to Bring a Book to Class
Students often forget to bring their books to class (and to follow other basic classroom rules). Here’s how Ms. Hoadley and her collqegues solve the problem at their school.
How to Learn 150 Names in a Week
Does learning 150 students' names in one week sound impossible? Well, Ms. Bailey says it CAN be done! Read about her name-learning tip and see if it can work for you.
Hurricane Season
Here's a tip from Ms. Cardona Perez that not only teaches science learners about weather patterns and hurricanes, but can also serve as a safety measue for their homes and families.