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If You Can Hear Me...
If you work with primary grades you might be familiar with a popular chant used to quiet noisy students: “If you can hear me, clap once. If you can hear me, clap twice.” Debra has a great twist on this strategy that works well with high school students.
Interview Skills
This fun, skill-intensive project focuses on interviewing and presentation skills, and will help students stay engaged and focused as spring fever starts to kick in. Everyone gets involved – no slackers allowed!
Independent Technology Time
Ms. Mims likes to distinguish between "busy work" and using free time wisely. She offers these "computer time" ideas to keep your students engaged while they wait for others to finish their work.
Independent Reading Time
Ms. Barnhart offers a wonderful tip to foster independence and the love of reading.
Improve Communication with Free PDF Maker
Distribute handouts, worksheets, lecture notes and more to both students and parents with aid of this free, downloadable software tool.
Integrated Pumpkin Activities
A creative teacher suggests some fun ways to celebrate and learn about Halloween with a multi-disciplinary unit of study. Find out how she uses pumpkins, Fibonacci, and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, to throw the perfect Pumpkin Party!
I Learned Letters
Ms. Alft helps parents connect with their child's school experience by having the students write a letter to their parents each week on the back of her classroom newsletter. This exercise becomes a lesson throughout the year.
I Love Angry Parents
Ms. Troyer loves working with angry parents! Read how she effectively disarms parents on a short fuse and becomes their ally in correcting problem areas for the child.
I Love to Read Month
At Town Point Elementary, students celebrate I Love to Read Month with a Lincoln Penny Day. Ms. Dreibelbis describes how the students are excited to read books, collect pennies, and use proceeds to restock the school library.
I Need Three Pencils
When her first-graders need more pencils, rather than send a note home to parents that could get lost, Ms. Mollerskov uses a sticker so the child can WEAR the request home.
I Read, You Read, We Read
If you're working with younger ELL students, here are some tried and true tips and resources from Ms. Iversen.
I Spy Collages
If you’re a fan of Walter Wick’s I Spy books, or if you’re just looking for a great art and book-making activity, you’ll enjoy Ms. Stielstra’s unique take on an old classic.
I Walk the Line
To help students remember how to read simple terms such as repeat signs, D.C. al Fine, Fine, etc. this music teacher tells them that reading them is like reading a map and following the signs. Read more about her "I Walk the Line" tip, here.
ID Cards
Ms. Kasse offers a great tip to ensure that during fire drills or emergencies or anywhere you go, including field trips, you have a class list to check. Find out what she does with her ID Card to make it happen.
Idea Box
Here's a tip that Ms. Highley's school employs to make new teachers and student teachers feel like a part of the action. Even veteran teachers learn some new things at the same time!
Identifying Troublemakers
To help the lunchroom monitor, all students at Ms. Giery's school wear clipped name tags to lunch. Learn about what the lunchroom monitor does if a student misbehaves, and how it prevents punishing many students for what one student was doing.
If the Shoe Fits
Ms. Kast leads her fifth-grade class in a unique shoe-sorting activity on the first day of school. It culminates in an art project that decorates her bulletin board.
Important Household Compounds
Ms. Maldonado-Vargas offers a great tip that shows students the rold of chemistry and science play in everyday life.
Impromptu Plays
Ms. Herring plans an “out-of-desk” activity that’s fun for students and easy for substitute educators to deliver. Find out how she prepares for unexpected absences with a great bag of tricks any teacher would love to use.
Improving Geography Quizzes
Mr. Schulte shares a tip for and quiz questions as well as cheating prevention. Learn what he does with post-it notes to achieve both!
Independent Thinkers
Every teacher encounters students who ask exorbitant amounts of questions, either for lack of using their skills to figure out an answer or for attention. That's why Ms. Reisner came up with this tip that helps students learn to be independent thinkers.
Individual Whiteboards
Individual whiteboards can be used for obtaining feedback from students. Learn how to make them to give your students a new way to express ideas while saving lots of paper.
Inexpensive Boarders
Ms. Spear is a veteran teacher who offers this great tip for seasonal and situational bulletin board borders. Best of all, they last a long time and won't break your bank.
Inexpensive Incentive Labels
Ms. Ackermann offers a great tip to send a variety of messages to students without breaking your budget.
Inexpensive Whiteboards
Need individual whiteboards? Ms. Kasse offers a few tips to help you out.
Info Magnets
Ms. Fisher uses laminated decorative notepaper magnets to encourage parents to communicate with her. Read about "Info Magnets" and see if they can work for you!
Author Info & Trivia Search
Ms. Atlee begins new language arts units with a research assignment that piques students’ interest and prepare them for their reading. Individual students learn basic research methods, and the whole class ends up with an Author Trivia File.
In-School Suspension
This educator says in school suspensin can be both discipline and productive learning time. Read about her tips that resulted in students not ever wanting to come back -- and behaving accordingly in class.
Insect Collection
Mr. Moore has his students do an insect collection as part of an entomology unit. This activity could be adaptedto climate and temperature changes studies. Read more about "Insect Collection", here.
Inside Voices
One of the first things Ms. Holt covers with her students is how to use their inside voices. This is a great tip that teaches them about social development while giving you a few minutes of your own time each day.
Instant Lessons
Don't throw away those unused activity sheets at the end of the year! Ms. Wheeler has some great ideas for them. Read about how they could save you a lot of time and planning!
Integrating Hansel and Gretel Across the Curriculum
In Ms. Garcia's class, Hansel and Gretel's perilous walk through the woods comes to life though many subjects. Learn how she adats the fairy tale for learning across the curriculum.
Interview Preparation: Create an E-folio
Preaparing to move or pursue a new teaching job? You'll need to polish your résumé and Mr. Postma offers some excellent advice. Learn how to make yourself memorable and prepared for your next career step..
Introducing Keyboarding
While many kids are keyboard-savvy before starting school, getting them to type with two hands can be a challenge. Learn how Ms. Gryta uses a pipe cleaner to define each hand's "domain" on the keyboard.
Inventors’ Center
Challenge your students to get creative in an inventor’s center. Learn how Mrs. Weight inspires the budding scientists, inventors and artisans in her classroom – and unleashes their creativity.
Irregular Plural Nouns with a Bit of Holiday Spirit!
Ms. Hyler, a learning disabilities specialist and fourth-grade teacher, has created a unique version the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. With costumes, signing and movement, it is not only memorable but provides multi-sensory approach.
It Can Be
Ms. Klock sets up a classroom store, teaches money skills and lays the ground work for an effective discipline policy with her own unique twist on a common classroom activity. Find out how she does it.