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Quick Homework Completion Check
Mr. Bush uses rubber stamps and completion codes check, record and grade homework as efficiently as possible.
Quiet Story
To help your K-2 students understand how much more they can learn when they listen, Ms. Postman suggests having them write a brief scripted story about being quiet, and she offers a sample script of her own.
Quality Communication
We live in a busy world, and many of our students have little quality verbal interaction at home. Ms. Mack created an assignment to help remedy this. Read about her tip that gets her students excited about developing meaningful conversations at home.
Questioning Behavior
Here's a cretive way to get students to own up to their own bad behavior. Ms. Reisner has found that her tip works wonderfully in curbing behavior problems.
Questions and Answers
Mr. Roghair uses 3" x 5" index cards to create a question and answer matching game about math problems. Read about his tip and why it works for him!
Ms. Lillskau found a great website on which ot post her weekly schedules. She says it's easy to do and it allows her to create games to help students master material. Best of all, she gets positive feedback from parents. Read more about her tip, here.
Quick Math Quizzes
This is an easy way to get a computation quiz each week without much work. Read about Ms. Delano's tip and how it works for her.
Quiet Before Dismissal
Ms. Erwin's school used to have a noise problem when excited students waited for dismissal at the end of the day. But after employing this tip, not only was noise reduced, but students got a self-esteem booster, too!
Quiet Classroom
Ms. Andrews has a great method for calming down a noisy class. See what she does every morning if the noise levels start to rise that gets them back down again.
Quiet Lights
When the class gets too noisy, Mr. Devi switcesh off all the classroom lights and fans. Once the children find that the room has suddenly turned dim, they quiet down.
Quiet Points
When Ms. Allen's students have a hard time staying quiet, she uses a "point" strategy. Read about her tip and how it motivates students to obey her class quiet rule.
Quieting Rambunctious Students
Quieting a rambunctious group can be a challenge, but Ms. Shlegle has had success in several primary grades with these simple tricks. Check them out to see if her ideas can calm your class.