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Found In: science, 9-12

eSkeletons is an interactive environment for high school biology students to learn about skeletal anatomy of human and non-human primates. A Glossary is included.

Click Taxon to get a menu with general species information on humans and 12 other primates found around the world. An accompanying map shows their range.

Comparative Anatomy lets users select a species’ complete sets of bones, individual bones, or by view. Images can be enlarged by clicking or by holding a cursor over an image. Enlarging an image will also provide dimensions and orientation to the body.

Taxonomic Tree provides a schematic for Prosimians and Anthropoids.

Legend illustrates the websites ten skeletal orientations.

FAQs anticipate common questions about bone biology, the human skeleton, and skeletal morphology.

Resources has classroom activities, outside links to general science and taxa information, downloads, and a bibliography. Activities include PDFs of life size skeleton printouts of a juvenile and adult homo sapiens, 9-piece scramble puzzles, jumble puzzles, word search puzzles, and crossword puzzles, and not surprisingly, an MP3 of and lyrics to “Them Bones”. Downloads features a bookmark with human, chimpanzee, and baboon skulls.

Don’t overlook the links at page bottom for eLucy and eFossils. eLucy lets users compare Lucy’s skeleton with modern humans and chimpanzees and has lessons for teachers and activities for students as well as other resources. eFossils offers additional lessons and activities dealing with fossil hominids.


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