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Pets on Vacation

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We have a menagerie of classroom pets that need to be taken care of over short and long breaks. We purchased carrying cases for all of them. We have birds, turtles, frogs and a lizard. The children are very active in the care of the pets, so they know how to care for them. We send extensive instructions for the pets, and they have cell numbers for my daughter (a teacher) and me. We insist that no child can take a pet unless they have transportation by a family member to and from the school. We buy food in bulk so we are prepared to send that home as well. Parents agree to purchase additional crickets over really long breaks. Parents sign permission slips for the students, and so far we have had really good responses. The only pets that remain in the classroom on breaks are fish. They get a weekend feeder. Over the summer we check them with the assistance of the school janitor, who also has our cell.

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