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Found in: directions; writing across the curriculum

Giving written and verbal directions is a concept we work on in the classroom. Each student writes or dictates directions to his/her home. Then we hop in the car and follow the directions word for word and hopefully end up at the right destination. (Sometimes we don't.) Students are given immediate feedback (we either get there or we don't) and they can go back to the classroom with a success under their belt or can try again.

This activity also helps us get a better idea of where the students come from and is helpful when home visits are necessary. Students really enjoy getting out of the classroom and sometimes we even have time to drive through the local fast food place for a soft drink. Because the atmosphere is more casual in the car, I learn a great deal from the students on these mini-trips. Knowledge of driving rules become quite evident - they are all back seat drivers! Of course, you can only do this with a small group and permission slips, emergency medical slips, etc. have to be in place.

This activity can also be used when we study local map skills and local transportation needs.


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