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El Zippo Moving Game

Found In: games, group discussion, review & test prep, kinesthetic learning

This is a useful review for any class and any subject. To prepare, I ask students to make up a certain number of questions and answers based upon what they have been taught. One class period can be allotted for this preparatory assignment. I give a notebook grade based on an assessment of the amount of questions and answers assigned.

The next day the students have their notebooks and are ready to begin the El Zippo Moving Game Quiz. I call it “El Zippo” because only one person is allowed to speak at a time and no one can say anything unless the speaker recognizes and calls upon that person.

I start the game by asking a question. Students who know the answer raise their hands. The student who is called on and answers correctly takes the teacher’s place at the front of the room, and the teacher moves to the student’s desk. The procedure is repeated with the student asking the question and then moving to the desk of the student answering correctly.

Students receive an “A” for answering the questions successfully and may participate by answering, asking, and moving as many times as they are called on by other students. Students ask questions and answer questions in a quiet manner as they move from desk to desk feeling very successful. I pencil in the grade as each new person becomes involved.

At the end of the period, each student should be in a different desk and should realize that he or she has just had one of the best reviews a class can have.


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