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Electing Our President

Found in: language arts & literature; social studies


In order to help prepare for our school's mock election, I read Nancy Gills' book, Electing Our President, which was very helpful.

Students became representatives of the actual presidential candidates and debated a few of the important issues (after clarifying debating rules). These representatives and their camp (supporting group) read news articles, etc., to keep up with the candidate and issues being discussed. These articles were to be placed in a notebook with a brief outline of facts for each article. Our local paper supplied free copies of the newspaper during this time and we brought in other newspapers and magazines. Our culminating activities included an issue debate (in front of an audience) and the students actually voted in voting booths borrowed from our Board of Elections.

All students were involved with the election by writing articles for the school paper, taking public polls, making posters to be displayed throughout the school, speech writing, preparing and giving small talks in public places (cafeteria, other classes, etc.) when allowed. The depth and breadth depends on time allotted.


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