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Food and Spelling

Found in: language arts & literature; spelling

At the end of each grading period, I use a spelling list of food words. I put the words on the board on Monday and give an assignment that uses 15 of the 25 words. The assignment is due on Friday when students take the test. After the spelling test we eat the list. In order to eat students must earn a C on the test. If they do not, they keep taking the words they miss until they earn a C.

The lists and assignments include: pizza (assignment: an artistic pizza or Italian food creation), sandwiches (create a menu for a sandwich shop), ethnic food (create an artistic creation for tacos, stir fry, etc.), cookies (compare/contrast Oreos and Chips Ahoy), candy (guessing game of candy bar pieces), and ice cream (design the ideal ice cream sundae).

There are several different ways to eat the list: order pizza from a local provider with students ordering in advance and paying for one or two slices; students bring an ingredient for sandwiches and we create subs; the family/ consumer science classes make fixings for tacos and each student pays for a share of ingredients; each student brings five of favorite cookies; each student brings a favorite candy bar which is cut for the guessing game; and each student brings an ingredient for making ice cream sundaes.

This method almost always ensures that students study for the tests because middle school students do love to eat. Bon appetit!


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