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Grading by Number

Found In: grading, routines & procedures, time management

I enter grades in an application on my computer. All my students are listed alphabetically in this grading application, so it’s time-consuming to record their grades. I had two equally bad choices:

  1. enter grades from a randomly collected and organized stack of papers, moving up and down my computer screen searching for the correct place to enter the next student’s grade, or
  2. alphabetize all my graded papers before starting the data entry process, so I can move quickly down the list once I begin.

So I got smart. I got an alphabetized list of all my students in each class. I assigned them ID numbers according to their classroom period and last names. Now I organize papers in numerical order, which corresponds to alphabetical order but is easier to collate.

Upon completion of an assignment, I ask the class to pass their papers with names and ID numbers to a classroom helper, and I ask that one student to put the papers in order, which is now easy to do. Papers are then delivered to me clipped together in alphabetical order.

I now spend about 50 percent less time entering grades. Plus if a student wants to see their paper, it’s easy to find it in the stack. If it was turned in, I know where it will be.


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