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Journaling about Bear

Found Inlanguage arts, written composition, diagramming & visualizing

I purchase a stuffed bear and parent volunteers make take-home cloth bags for Bear. Students take Bear for one night and are told to keep Bear safe, clean, and fed pretend bear food. A writing journal is included to document the 'sleep-over adventure.' The following day when Bear is returned the student sits in our special miniature recliner chair holding Bear.

When the student's adventure with Bear is read there is such enjoyment by the entire class and also by the student getting to hear his/her very own story from the journal. I then ask the students if they would like to add anything that was not included in the story. I reinforce the concept of writing and reading of the story and oral sharing.

This is one of their favorite times of the day. Anticipation is at an all-time high when a name is drawn at the end of the activity to take Bear home next.


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