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Newspaper Hunts

Found In: language arts, reading, reading comprehension, information gathering

I do newspaper hunts with the students on Fridays. I get an earlier edition of the paper and compose 10-12 questions for them to answer. It’s easy to level the questions based on the skills of your students. The students first have to figure out what the question wants to know, then where to look for it, and finally read the article/ad/comic to find the meaning.

This exercise is great for finding the main idea and supporting details, evaluating credibility, and practicing reading skills in general. The comic strips are useful for inferences. Sports pages are great for doing math based questions or figurative language skills. These newspaper hunts generally take the whole class period.

My kids always respond well to these newspaper activities. It becomes a bit of a competition to see which group can figure them out first and get the most correct answers. They rework answers that they miss. Any extra time is spent reading the newspaper articles that we didn’t cover in the newspaper hunt. After doing these hunts for a while, they start to write their own questions and challenge their classmates.


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