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Newspaper Skills

Found in: current events; language arts; reading

I was fortunate to have a sponsor for the Newspapers in Education (NIE) program for over ten years. During that time, my third graders and I worked on various skills. Reading the weather map was wonderful for identifying local areas on the map. We studied math skills when we compared temperatures and precipitation levels. To reinforce the proper use of quotation marks, students selected their favorite cartoon and rewrote what their character said in correct form. The sports section was an excellent area for comparing scores and working on number sense. Using the TV schedule helps with elapsed time lessons, reading schedules and sequencing skills.

Select an article, cut it out, and use it for display with accompanying lessons. Since there are time constraints in the classroom, these lessons work well as group projects, indoor recess lessons, or extra credit assignments.

Various headlines and articles are inappropriate for third graders so it is essential to monitor the students' use of the newspaper.



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