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Plastic Lids

Found in: cleanup; reduce, reuse, recycle

I get multiple uses out of plastic lids and would like to share a couple of them. I keep white glue in reused liquid hand soap bottles with the squeeze top, and children squeeze a small amount of glue into a lid from the container. Then they use cotton swabs to apply the glue to their projects. The swabs and lids are especially useful when working with glitter. When finished, students put the glue lids on the shelf to dry out and the following day, they have fun pulling the dried glue from the lids.

Also, a small amount of tempera paint can be squeezed into lids. I allow each child to take two colors and encourage the students at a table to cooperate in choosing and using colors. This reduces waste at the end of the paint session. When students are done with a lid they bring it back to the table where it can be refilled for another student. Sometimes a student needs only a dab of color and can find it in one of the lids. The clean up is made easy by putting the lids in a dishpan to soak before washing.


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