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Pop Questions

Found in: motivating students; review & test prep

I always struggle to get kids to study for content area tests, especially social studies. There are a few who never read assignments so a review before testing is the only way to insure they are exposed to the material before a test.

One week we studied by playing a review game that I made up using the timer and giving possible questions for the test. I split the kids into groups to study together. I happened to have a bag of Tootsie Pops that a friend had given me to share with them. After fifteen minutes of studying, I asked the kids to return to their desks, eat their pop and ask the whole class one question when I called their name. The question had to be one they thought would be on the test, and they had to deliver it to the class by POPPING out of their desk with the question.

It worked. The grades were better, and the kids learned that studying could be fun. I wouldn't always use candy or food, but try other actions to get students up and using their favorite question to teach their classmates.


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