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Positive Rewards for Repeat Offenders

Found In: discipline, routines & procedures, tracking behavior

I teach first grade and have found that a point system or reward system is a great strategy for working with repeat offenders – students who exhibit the same bad behaviors (tardiness, off task, disruptive, defiant, etc.) over and over, day after day.

I divide the day into time periods or subjects, such as phonics, math, science, etc., and I give the students a sticker for each period they get through without an offense. At the end of the day, if they’ve earned enough stickers they get to go to another teacher’s room for about ten minutes to play on the computer.

I also have a Daily Behavior Calendar stapled inside each student’s homework folder. Each time the student gets through the entire day without a color change for bad behavior they get a sticker on their sticker sheet. After five stickers they get to go to the treasure box or choose a reward from the reward catalog.

Rewards vary from bringing a study buddy stuffed animal to wearing a hat in class, etc. I put a colored dot for behavior on the Daily Behavior Calendar, which must be signed each night by an adult in order for a student to earn a sticker the next day.

In general I find positive interactions are a lot more effective with my “repeat offenders” than negative ones. Keep an eye out for any little thing you can compliment them on. It will go a long way.
These strategies really seem to motivate my students throughout the day, with only an occasional reminder. I hope they work for you and your students, too.


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