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Posters and Charts

Found in: posters & pictures

I keep my posters and charts on a stand for all my students to read. I punch two holes in the top for the metal rings allowing me to change the posters and to also let the students read them. I use them year after year and have laminated them to keep them going.

After teaching for 8 years, some of my laminated posters started ripping through the holes I punched. I had no way to fix them except to re-laminate them. I figured if I was going to re-laminate, I better learn how to avoid the ripping again.

I decided I needed to make the top of the posters where I punch holes thick and durable. I took poster board and cut it into 2 inch strips and glued it along the top of the back of the posters. I glued 2 strips on each one making the poster or chart very sturdy. I hope these posters and charts will last much longer. I now do this for every new poster and chart that I laminate and for any that rips through.