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Differentiated Reading

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We have kids with reading abilities all over the charts. Some are as high as twelfth grade and others are as low as first grade. We use three different spelling lists so students who are higher are always challenged and students who are struggling are working towards improvement. The spelling assignments include reading words out loud, using words in a sentence (both oral and written) and word sorts. We try to tie spelling lists to other standards of learning such as suffixes and prefixes.

Students who struggle to read have an opportunity to read out loud to a peer, teacher, or aide for 10-15 minutes each day to practice fluency during independent reading time. When we can, we reduce or change work for students who struggle. For example, we teach writing together, and when other students are typing paragraphs or papers, one of us will pull a student aside to read with. It is much quicker for us to type that student’s assignment later, and in that way, the student receives individualized attention.

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