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Discipline for Energetic, Active Students

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When energetic, active children misbehave, taking away recess can often be counterproductive. Here’s what I do instead: I give my students the choice of “Walking the Path” or performing “Community Service.” Walking the Path requires them to walk the entire quarter-mile path around the playground throughout the entire recess period (25 min.); they may not visit with others but are allowed to skip, jump, run, walk, etc. For Community Service each student is required to pick up trash from the school grounds using a non-latex glove and a plastic bag. Again, they aren’t permitted to interact with others, but they are active and giving back to their school community.

So far, both options have been helpful to our class and school environment. My fellow teachers will often send a student to me for a bag and a glove. We no longer have trash strewn about the grounds, which makes our custodian very happy!


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