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Engage Students’ Interest with Images

Found in: Language Arts and Literature

How many times have you been on Facebook or Twitter and were drawn to an article because of a compelling image? Engaging images can increase students’ interest in current events too!

Current event images are a great tool to draw students in, build background knowledge to help students understand the world they live in, and make connections to your curriculum.

How does it work? Find a compelling image (picture, meme, political cartoon) that relates to your current topic. Then visit websites like or to search for a reading that connects to the image. If available, grab any questions associated with the article that students can answer through a small group or class discussion.

Start the class by displaying the image and asking students to record everything they notice about it. Lead the class in a brief discussion that connects the image to the reading. Read the article as a class and follow-up with guided small group or whole class discussion questions. Make sure these questions target the cultural issues or current events that relate to your classroom topic.


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