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Learning Difficult Vocabulary

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I learned a few vocabulary strategies that are not only fun but really help the students remember tough words from their reading. One strategy is to take the word and create a limerick or rap (the students love to rap) that begins and ends with a brief definition of the word. Students then perform the rap or poem in front of the class. We have many laughs with these activities, which further engage the students in the lesson.

When my students read a novel, there is a vocabulary component included. Students must choose at least two words from each of the chapters they are presenting and create an original commercial or ad campaign for a product that a character from the story might actually have used. The commercial or ad campaign must include an original logo for the product using the vocabulary word, and it must convey the definition of the word in a memorable, but not obvious (students cannot go right out and say the definition), way. In their presentation, students dramatize their commercials or ads, using props so classmates will enjoy the full benefits of the activity. This activity can also be pared down for use on a regular basis.


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