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Next Steps Discipline

Found in: discipline; routines & procedures

I've run the gamut on class rules.  I've had at the most seven, then later five, and now three.  I developed these in a large group discussion with my class. I guided the discussion around the question, “what things should students do in order to be successful?” When they had identified 3 things, I wrote them on the board and then asked all the students if they thought they could do them.  Then I told them that they were our rules:

  • Be on time.
  • Bring what you need to class.
  • Have a book to read for pleasure or homework that needs to be completed.

I have found that many teachers confuse procedures with rules.  I practice procedures multiple times at the beginning of the year and throughout the year. Procedures are "How To" statements. I don't really have consequences; I have "Next Steps," i.e. what to do when the student is not following the rules.

For example, if a student breaks rule #2 "Bring what you need to class" the Next Steps are…

  • Borrow from a classmate.
  • Go to locker or Youth Service Center to get what is needed. (Limit 3 times each 9 weeks).
  • I call the parents.
  • Follow school policy.



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