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No Asparagus and No Cheating

Found In: routines & procedures, tests & quizzes

I use a couple of different strategies to deter and discover students who cheat on quizzes and tests. I punch holes in my tests, just as binder paper is punched. Most of my chapter tests (multiple versions of course) are photocopied, double sided, but are only one sheet of paper. When I wander around the classroom as students are taking their tests, I look to see the surface of the desk through the holes. Very subtle, but if I see paper instead of the desk through those small three holes, I know the study guide is hidden beneath, and students earn an automatic zero on the test.

I also have a reminder written the front of the classroom which reads “No Asparagus.” Although I love asparagus, a number of students once wrote “asparagus” on their test after miscopying the word “snapdragons” (the correct answer) from a student with hideous handwriting. All of the kids who wrote “asparagus” received no credit. It’s a funny story that I share every year, and when I see similar copy jobs, I write “No Asparagus” on their paper; students know exactly what I’m talking about.



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