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Learn the Alphabet with Numberlys App

Found In: spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, technology tools

detail image of Numberlys appI use an interactive book created by Oscar-nominated Moonbot studios (apps available for iPad, iPod, and iPhone) called “The Numberlys” with my primary students. The book teaches students about using the alphabet by intercutting brief, very simple interactive games for each new letter of the alphabet as the story is played out. It takes about five minutes to complete each new letter, and during that time students are exposed to the letter between 10 and 20 times.

The app also provides great extension activities: real vs. fantasy, cause and effect, connections to characters and plot, etc., which can be used as great themes to start forming writing activities for your students. The story is not only captivating, but provides constant narration, which may work well for ELL students.

Although there is a price ($5.99), the application is extremely well-designed and keeps students constantly engaged – it’s well worth the price tag.



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