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Packing up the Classroom

Found in: classroom setup; cleanup; end of the year

I dislike bare walls, so I only take down content-related posters right before finals start. I leave up the fun, encouraging ones until the very end. Also, since I use hot glue to put them up on cinder-block walls, they come down quickly and easily. A poster storage system is very helpful. The one I have is a box with large file folders inside. It's easy to slip posters in the folders when they come off the wall, put the lid on, and go. They stay flat and in good shape, so they're ready to go up in the fall. Finally, I find out who is in charge of copier paper for the school and ask for the empty boxes early. I have to pack up a lot of bookshelves for the summer. The boxes are easily stored on top of cabinets and bookshelves until I need them.