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Positive Side of Portable

Found In: end of year, routines & procedures

I begin planning for the end of the school year about 2 weeks before the last day. I’ve found the positive side of packing up my classroom at the end of the year: I pare down my files and store everything in crates and boxes with labels for portability. When I unpack at the end of the summer – usually in a new room – I just pull out the box or crate with the necessary materials. This is great whether I move into a new room or not.

I also continue with instruction and still assign homework, but I don’t collect work from students. I usually have a boatload of papers to grade and don’t need any more – but students don’t need to know this! It’s the best time of the year with no pressure or rush to grade. Have fun teaching and watching them learn for the sake of learning. Happy summering!


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