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Reenergize Students' Bodies and Minds

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You need to engage your students if they are staring into space. I try something unrelated to topic we’re discussing in class, like taking a stretch break. My students always loved the stretching no matter when we did it. We did yoga poses, crossing the midline movements, and balance poses.

I also have strategies that relate directly to the topic we’re discussing: I have students do an activity related to the topic. It could be as simple as pair/share or drawing or writing what they do and/or do not understand about the subject. I might have them ask me any question about the topic that could be answered with a “yes” or “no,” though sometimes I change this into 20 questions where I have a word or concept I’m thinking of, and students have to guess. Alternately, I have the students draw a thinking map with the concepts we’re discussing, or I give them an opportunity to sing a song related to the topic.

Whatever it is, the most important thing is to get them active and doing something!



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